Artivism – Social Education – Actual Music

-1st Prize at National Music Competition Villa de Cox.
-3rd Prize at National Music Competition Percute.
-3rd Prize at Internacional Chamber Music Competition Opus 21.
-3rd prize in International Music Competition Antón Garcia Abil.

Sauti Duo has performed in Spain and abroad participating in e.o. in festivals such as Ciclo de Jovenes Interpretes in (ADDA in Alicante), China Europe Festival (Academy of Music in Wrocław) or Percusión Fest (Conservatorio Superior de Musica in Vigo), as well as touring through Spain and the United States collaborating with percussionist Felix Miguel Reyes as Symmetrio.

Sauti Duo made a tour supported by Morgan Mallets teaching masterclass in music hight schools and Universities, sharing their experience and knowledge with percussion and composition students. They have also shared their research on the music of Andrew Thomas in the Behind the Scores project supported by the German association Marimba Festiva and during international curses CIMO.

Magdalena Myrczik

Magdalena was born in Poland in 1993. She completed her undergraduate and master’s studies in Wroclaw for later completing master’s in Alicante, all of them with the highest qualifications. She has participated in numerous music courses receiving lessons from great soloists such as: Katarzyna Mycka, Svet Stoyanov or Jean Geffroy. She is the winner of several awards, the most important of which are: II prize in the “International Marimba Festiva competition”, I prize in the “Villa de Cox Interpretation Competition” and the I prize in “The American Protegé Concerto Competition” (in duo with flutist Kalina Majewska as FlowStick Enseble).

Likewise, she has also performed multiple concerts and masterclasses as a soloist or as a member of chamber groups and orchestras in various countries of Europe, in China, Japan and North America. Besides Sauti Duo and Symmetrio, she shares a project with flutist Kalina Majewska as Flowstick Ensemble. She is also a member of the contemporary music orchestra Sound Factory Orchestra.

Thanks to her travels and her personal interests, Magdalena has also managed to accumulate a large number of experiences that have led her to establish a humanistic ideology, acquiring great flexibility in dealing with different cultures and musical styles.

David Almagro

Born in 1995, he completed his percussion undergraduate and master’s studies in Alicante, both finishing with high marks. In addition, during this studies, he has received influences from different soloists and orchestral percussionists through his numerous trips abroad in different courses and festivals, participating in important events such as “Marimba Festiva Congress and Competition”, “Italy PAS” or “IKMMA”.

Professionally, David has also developed an international activity, being his two most important projects Sauti Duo and Symmetrio, with whom he has performed concerts in different countries of Europe and the United States. He has performed as well as an orchestral musician in different countries of Europe.

It also highlights that thanks to his experiences and interests inside and outside the field of music, David has managed to form his own musical identity with which he intends to transcend the musical fact.