We live in a world full of dualities, where variety plays an essential role in our lives, generating a wealth and cultural diversity which remains stable thanks to the balance of a force and its antonym. The original idea Sauti Duo remains in the contrast of temperaments of the two performers, both from different countries and with different backgrounds although, with common objectives.

For this, the young duo uses an attractive and varied program where each of the performers handles a different role in each piece and where each piece simultaneously, handles a different role within the full show, generating the desired idea of contrast and balance.

This project also aims to emphasize a more melodic aspect of the percussion instruments, connecting at the same time with different cultures with which one each of the members of the duo feels a certain connection.


Historie du Tango – Astor Piazzolla

2+1 – Iván Trevino

Passacaglia – Anna Ignatowicz

Bad Touch – Casey Cangelosi

Marimba Spiritual – Minoru Miki / arr. Sauti Duo


This project is a story complexed of seemingly not connected elements that in a deep meaning, all of them are somehow touching the thematics of constant search and the interest for unknown and undiscovered.

Sauti Duo would like to invite the audience for reflecting this aspects from various perspectives. The public will can hear the music inspired by ritualistic African rhythms, sound picture of Andromeda Galaxy or experience the ¨sound of silence¨ presented by gesture rhythmical choreography.

The repertoire allows the percussionists to create a very climatic atmosphere, inviting the audience to the self exploring and reflection. Also percussionists will be revealing to the public new sounds by untypical treatment of instruments. This spectacle is the travel through to the land of colors and sounds, through zones of different moods, leading to possible discovery of a new internal, intimate world.


Pangea North – Yehezkel Raz

Mobile – Marta Ptazynska

African Winds II – José Manuel López López

Silent Must Be – Tierry de Mey

Braid of Andromeda – Mateusz Ryczek