Much more than just a “concert”

Perhaps the most personal project we have ever prepared. With an artivist drift and an audacious staging, we mix sound art, audiovisual elements and social action to shape a powerful and necessary message

Avantgarde Music

2 works written specially for this project and another 3 by contemporary composers, placed in order for following a musical narrative. Our main objective with this is to create a space for reflection about our relationship with the environment while sharing the beauty of the music of our time and some of its languages

Citizens Participation and Social Media

People of different cultures, ages and genders share testimonies about their relationship with nature, their considerations regarding the climate crisis and/or their daily actions in pursuit of achieving a more sustainable lifestyle. All testimonies are shared entirety on the Instagram account, dedicated to the project, while a selection of them is used during the performance, with the public being invited to share their own reflections

We want to specially thank to Greenpeace España (letting us to use their video La crisis climática desde el aire – the climate crisis from the air), to Dra. Andrea Calderón – Clima 911 (scientific testimony) for their cooperation in this project, as well as to every single person that shared her/his reflection with us.